Echange avec un lycée suédois

Swedish exchange in European class

From October, 3rd to October, 10th 2017, French families welcomed Swedish students from Vallentuna School in their homes. The teachers organized activities for the 32 of us (16 French students and 16 Swedish students). They were people we had never met before, but we were able to bond with them. Narbonne participated actively in this exchange by greeting us at the city hall. Without further ado, here are a few of our best moments together:
On Wednesday (their first complete day in France) we participated to a treasure hunt in the town center, which the Euro class 2016 had translated in English . Next, we had a reception at the city hall. Then, we had a picnic together, and some of us played bowling.
The next day, we did crossfit. In the afternoon, the entire class went to the beach, and we had an intervention by the SurfRider Foundation. We had free time, and some of us walked by the marina.
On Friday afternoon, we went to Zef Control, next to Narbonne Plage, to sand yacht (sand sailing) and to play beach games. Then, we had a snack at the Archbishop’s garden.
On the week-end, each of us had their own activities: visiting touristic monuments in the region, attending a rugby match in Toulouse…
On the next Monday, the Swedish students visited the Carcassonne medieval town. When they got back, they seemed very happy!
On Tuesday, the Swedish prepared a concert and it took place during lunch break. After, we had a picture contest, and we created and sealed our Time Capsule (filled with items that reminded the Swedish students stay). Then, we had a snack to say goodbye.
As co-organizer of this exchange I want to thank the educational team who were very supportive, the Swedish colleagues and especially the Students and their families for their warm welcome and their engagement. Mme Bertho
The 2nde Euro

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